Firestarter – Background

You’re a firestarter – a twisted firestarter. Occasionally you can’t help yourself; the rest of the time you simply want the world to burn.

There are numerous reasons why one would seek the flame. For many it’s a compulsion, but some do it to venerate the dark devils of the Nine Hells or the raging elementals of the Fire Plane. Others yet suffer the effects of some dark curse.

Although you can get away with it in the right circumstances, people will become suspicious if they realize how insatiable your drive for arson is. Accordingly, you do it in secret wherever possible – sneaking out at night and ‘accidentally’ knocking over lanterns.

This drive to set the world alight may be your key motivation, or it may be an affliction you fight against. Either way, having someone in the party who can always conjure a flame comes in handy down dark and windswept passageways.


  • Get all the rules and lore for playing as a firestarter.
  • You gain the ability to create a fire whenever and wherever (you can also ignore fire damage for a short time).
  • There are additional mechanics for your arsonist nature (roll a dice each night to see if you stop yourself or go out torching buildings).


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