Mantis Temple Entrance, Tumultuan Jungle (12×20)


After countless weeks of trekking through dense jungle vines and running from Feralions, the battle-tested adventurers are stopped dead in their tracks, having stumbled upon an improbable clearing with an ominous ruin in the center. A cold stone staircase descends deep into the earth, while the surrounding jungle stands still and silent, cautiously awaiting what comes next. Trees rattle as the jungle musters up a cool breeze of warning, but a whisper from within beckons the adventurers into the dungeon’s echoey midst…

Entice your players with this dark and mysterious dungeon entrance and decide what secrets lie below!

This map pack includes 6 high-quality JPEG images in the following variants:

day, dawn, and dusk | gridded and gridless | 70 DPI

NOTE: 70 DPI is the optimal resolution for use with Roll 20.

This map pack and the packs within are currently for personal use only.