Mordenkainen Magnificent Mansion Map Pack

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This map pack will net you a map to be used as the mansion that can be created via the Mordenkainen Mordenkainen Mansion spell. Its main use would be in the Mad Mage of Mount Baratok scene from Curse of Strahd, though you could use it in other occasions.

The map pack also contains several map backgrounds in which you can place the mansion tokens that accompany this product. This maps can even be used standalone, making this map pack also useful for overall wilderness encounters.


Below is the list of maps. Every map has several versions, ranging from default, tree transparency, rain/snow, night, Roll20, all with gridded and gridless alternatives.

The product provides:

  • 9 unique maps
  • 70 maps in total
  • 2 VTT tokens for the Mansion, which you can place in any map

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Map Previews

Mad Mage of Mount Baratok Map Preview

Mordenkainen Magnificient Mansion VTT Token Preview

Roadside Map Preview

Mountain Map Preview

Coastal Jungle Map Preview

Arctic Map Preview

Forest Map Preview

Desert Map Preview

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