Mother’s Malady

“Deer peeplz.  Mother is bad sik and needs lotsa medysin.  Can give big tres-err four help.  The children of Hamerhold”

The children of Hammerhold, a dwarven mining outpost deep in the wilderness, have reached out to the wider world with a plea for help.  Something is wrong with their mother and they are willing to pay for a charitable group of hearty folk to make things right.  

What good adventurers couldn’t resist such a request from a group of needful children?  Or if your players are like ours they can’t refuse the opportunity to pillage a settlement that is apparently without adult supervision, but no-one is judging here.   

Your players will delve deep into the mines of Hammerhold.  What they find there probably isn’t what they expect.

Mother’s Malady is a fully hand drawn one page adventure for your favorite fantasy RPG system.  This dungeon is system and level agnostic.

Have fun diagnosing the cause of Mother’s Malady. 

This product is priced at $1.00


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