Rescue at Griffoncrag Pass


Funded on Kickstarter!!! Rescue at Griffoncrag Pass is an adventure for a party of three to five characters of 1st level for a 5E-compatible game!

Naleetya, a vicious manticore, was carried away by a powerful sea storm and deposited at Griffoncrag Pass—a group of cliffs with winding, deep, and narrow passageways extending hundreds of feet overhead. To sailors, Griffoncrag Pass is a peaceful seafaring route that avoids the strong winds and currents that exist in the open spaces of the sea. The crags extend for many miles and offer ships’ crews an opportunity to enjoy the ride, beautiful scenery, and views of the local wildlife. Naleetya has found this wildlife (griffons and giant spiders) in the area as a convenient food source, and the crags to be an agreeable environment to call home for her and her newly-hatched offspring.

During the course of the adventure, you can expect 20 hours of playtime, and characters may advance to 4th/5th level, depending on how fast you wish to level your party.

This project has elements a DM needs to make it simple to run the game:

  • A “just-right” starting town with enough locations to make it interesting, but not too many to overwhelm your players.

  • Custom maps to make locations and battles become alive.

  • Hyperlinks set up in the document to make navigation effortless. 

  • Pre-made, memorable NPCs with roleplaying reference sheets to make remembering their personalities, bonds, ideals, and flaws much easier.

  • PDF and print formats, so you can run the adventure how you are most comfortable.

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This product is priced at $9.95


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