SCAVENGER: Crimson Catalyst

SCAVENGER: Crimson Catalyst is an entirely player-facing supplement designed to bring the fantasy of the Scavenger universe to 5th Edition. It includes:

  • Four new subclasses, including the Alien Apex Ranger and the Path of the Vermillion Abomination Barbarian.
  • Dozens of variant class features, including replacing spellcasting with a new magic system for certain classes.
  • Cultural Tricks for creating authentic characters of Scavenger’s various rich cultures.

SCAVENGER: Crimson Catalyst is a living document. This means it will be updated and expanded over time. For feedback, find us on discord and let us know what kinds of changes or material you want to see for our next update.

If you enjoy this supplement, have critiques, or have suggestions for future material for it, please check out our discord at .


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