Shadows Under Emystrell

For months, the dreams of the people of Emystrell have become dark and terrible. It seems their nightmares have come to life as in recent weeks, people have mysteriously gone missing, vanishing in the night without a trace! Everyone is too paralyzed by their own despair to do anything, or venture far from the safety of their homes. Emystrell is on the brink of collapse. The baron is offering a handsome reward to anyone who can show proof of the end of whatever evil curse that has taken hold of their town.

This adventure is designed for a party of 3-6 heroic characters from the 2nd to 3rd level. It has elements of mystery and investigation in the first section which can be detailed and highly involved for groups that enjoy the process of searching for clues and solving mysteries or just as easily glossed over for groups that are more tactics focused. The second section of the adventure features the dungeon: a labyrinthine complex of an ancient elven crypt which the thieves guild has used as a base of operations for a decade…until the serpent worshipping cult arrived. The third section of this book is the detailed map and notes on the town and surrounding area of Emystrell. Roleplaying notes are kept light to allow for room for your own interpretations and details to NPCs remain as free to do with as you choose unless I felt inspired and hoped to give you a cool idea.

This adventure has hooks for Dungeon Masters interested in a larger campaign involving the sinister plots of the Yuan-Ti (snake people) as well as other interesting adventure hooks (such as the giants in the nearby mountains or the stolen gem: The Eye of the Dragon). These plot points are intentionally left vague for you to fill in the gaps based on what your players seem interested in. You are invited to use this as a launch point adventure to lead your heroes on a larger adventure that might someday set them against an Anathema Serpent demigod, or it may simply be the adventure that begins their journeys and the evil of Yargoth stops here at Emystrell.

If your campaign is set in a pre-published setting, this town of Emystrell can be replaced or fit into any campaign with a few tweaks to local gods and names. If you are playing in Dragonlance, you could replace Yargoth the Dread Serpent with Tiamat, or Dendar in Fearun. The local goddess, Tyr, could be the Tyr from the Forgotten Realms or even Norse myth if that is your campaign setting. 

Letter from the Author!

This is it! It’s finally done! I will just say I have never felt so accomplished or proud of anything I’ve done more than this. It is the culmination of my experience as a DM, a love letter to what I love about geek culture, and a shining homage to pulp action adventures with swashbuckling action, crack-up laughs, and thrills beyond compare! At least that is my hope.

I wrote this very much for new DMs, it is littered with notes from me explaining my prep and thought process. I’ve always wanted an iconic D&D starting adventure that did everything it could to prepare a new DM with everything they need to learn how to do this. It’s the adventure I always wanted when I was starting.

I hope you enjoy this adventure. If you like this and want me to make more content for your adventures, campaigns, and delves, please consider honoring me with your patronage. I see this as the ground floor for the kinds of products I want to write and produce for a living. Consider this my kickoff.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me, supported me, and believed in me. I am the sum of the best wisdom I’ve been so fortunate to gleam from brighter souls. I hope I do that light some justice.

GO BRAVELY WITH TYR! – Kyle Ouellet (dm_guru2)

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