The Archive of Esoteric Secrets II


The Archive of Esoteric Secrets II Title

Gain greater options for your spellcasting with this compendium of 160 new spells. A book of exciting and campaign-defying spells to spice up your spellcasters.

With the Archive of Esoteric Secrets II, invoke all manner of spells:

9 new cantrips, including summoning grappling ropes and floating rocks
14 new 1st-level spells, including chameleon camouflage, powerful blasts of wind, and turning the dead into loyal but fleeting servants
12 new 2nd-level spells, including gravitation manipulation, magical barriers, and raising lesser beasts from the dead
16 new 3rd-level spells, including teleporting your friends, encrypting text, collapsing space in a small area, and strengthening objects from physical harm
14 new 4th-level spells, including a soul-infused hellfire, a projectile-absorbing singularity, water pressured powered rocket flight, and summoning icy fangs
15 new 5th-level spells, including a mental shield, a cloak of protective moonlight, the breath of a mad dragon, and the power to go visit a friend
11 new 6th-level spells, including three synchronised beams of cold, fire, and lightning, a spear of shadow, and a ring of solar energy that burns your enemies to death instead of tapping for CC
11 new 7th-level spells, including a sphere of lightning, inverting magic, an army of clay warriors, and a sphere of pain
8 new 8th-level spells, including false offspring, a beam of eradicating energy, and a gaze beyond the planes
7 new 9th-level spells, including scarring the earth with an enormous chasm, creating new species, creating alignment-reversed clones of your foes, and forging new planes


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