The JollyGM Tactical Battlemap Set 2

Hello Adventures.

For those who are into tactical battlemaps for games that require hex combat, I have created my second set of tactical battlemaps with a hex scale ranging to about roughy 10 meters. (30 feet)

As I am learning how to better use the software, I am incorporating new elements like Elevation! 

Also as a bonus, I added a blown bridge option of the bridge map. So in this set you actually get 6 battlemaps!

So you can simply take these maps and put it directly into your VTT software of choice. Fantasy Grounds, Foundry, or even Tabletop Simiulator. Now, these maps are not meant to be a true geomorphic design, however they can still be linked together to create longer, larger maps for those tank drivers out there. 

Included in this buddle are 5 tactical battlemaps that can be used in your games.

6. Dense city.
7. Bridge Crossing.
7 (b). Blown Bridge Crossing.
8. Wharehouse District.
9. Farmers Road.
10. Hill Ambush Road

This product is priced at $5.00


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