DM Dave just shared: “Reign of Iron | New FREE Adventure for Fifth Edition for Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting”

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Hey all! We’re stoked to bring you a new free adventure courtesy of the folks responsible for the currently running Kickstarter, Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting. 

The Adventure

Reign of Iron, is intended for 3 to 7 characters and is optimised for a party of 4 with an average party level (APL) of 3, 9, or 16. Characters who complete this adventure should earn enough experience to progress halfway to 4th level, one-fifth of the way to 10th level or one-third of the way to 17th level. The adventurers must end the havoc caused by a rare, magnetic dragon that is accused of stealingeverything made of iron.

After hunting for clues about this dragon, the adventure culminates in a three-wave boss battle, with a possible non-combat solution. This battle is deadly and uses the party’s entire daily XP budget. A party well-equipped for an extended fight, as well as means of dealing fire damage and restricting aerial movement, will prove great boons on this monster hunt.

The Kickstarter

Inspired by Monster Hunter, Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting brings the world of epic boss battles, harvesting, and crafting to 5th edition D&D. This supplement contains a treasure trove of new content including:

  • 3 modular rule systems for tracking, harvesting, and crafting;
  • 10 adventures, each playable at three levels;
  • 10 friendly familiars;
  • 40+ original spells;
  • 50+ new monsters;
  • 150+ fully-illustrated items;
  • 200+ characterful random encounters.

They’ve smashed their way through 8 stretch goals adding a deluge of new player options and accessories. In fact, the team has hired a cleric to maintain a calm emotions spell and offset the constant adrenaline rush of having to make new goals. Check it out! 


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