Gothic Encounters


See for yourself what players are talking about:

“Some of the twists were surprising.” M.

“I enjoyed Ghostsinger. It was different and heartwarming.” S.

“The adventures were so much fun.” C.


10 all-new adventures in this gothic collection: 

•  All They Do Is Moan (Level 1) Making friends with zombies isn’t as easy as it looks, tastes, or even smells. A zombie rave awaits. Wait, are you the bard in this dark comedy?

•  As the Wereraven Flies (Level 2) It might be time for these birds to bust out of their coop. Escape room-style play.

•  Death Without Dreams (Level 3) A tragic love story needs a new ending and fast before the eclipse between two worlds ends in this paranormal romance.

•  Fistful of Horrors (Level 3) The frontier isn’t safe for cutthroats and cheats with a vigilante death knight around in this dark fantasy.

•  Ghostsinger (Level 2) The haunting performance of a ghost leaves the spine tingling for more in this dark fantasy.

•  How to Serve Dragon (Level 2) This worrisome menu could use a few more bold options in this biological horror.

•  Laboratory of the Vampire (Level 3) A reclusive scientist has weird history with his frustrated neighbors, including you in this dark fantasy.

•  On the Doorstep of Night (Level 2) An ancient artifact awakens to a world unfamiliar with its brand of violence in this splatterpunk adventure where everyone is a target.

•  Tender Skins (Level 1) A zombie struggles to find meaning in a world indifferent to its kind in this LGBT-friendly dark fantasy.

•  That Thin Glass Vial (Level 3) Everyone can become a light snack in the never-ending war between the fiends and the undead. A unique item holds the key to salvation. Grab it before it grabs you.


New Magic Items, including Zombie Garments. If you they can’t eat you, join ‘em!

New Creatures, including the all-new Patchwork Zombie that lets you mix and match with other creatures to create and reflavor undead encounters, like the displacer beast patch or the minotaur horns patch.

The all-new Arcana Skeleton, Drow Skeleton and Drowgon that fuses a drow and black dragon for sinister effect.

Test your might against Slimmer the young gold shadow dragon. He’s just as wicked and committed to a cause as you are thinking.

Here’s a sample of what awaits you in this adventure collection:

Laboratory of the Vampire and the Domain of Devotion

One the Doorstep of Night

Tender Skins

That Thin Glass Vial

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