Infestation at Willow Grove

Infestation at Willow Grove is a 3rd-level one-shot adventure for 4 characters. Some encounters are deadly so if your party is smaller than 4 or less than level 3, you may want to adjust accordingly. My son,  Logan, was inspired to create this adventure based on a vision he had of an interrupted party wherein some heroes who were celebrating a recent victory soon learn that their work is never really done. The monster selection and overall theme are his. I helped him flesh out the details such as places, names, and the NPCs’ deeper motivations. Aside from those stylistic inputs and my writing/editing, this adventure remains true to Logan’s vision.

Trouble stirs in the normally quiet and bucolic lakeside town of Willow Grove. The residents here are jovial, hard-working, and superstitious. When the town’s cemetery caretaker makes a macabre discovery while tending to the gardens, he’s certain there is evil afoot. The town mayor, a shrewd and circumspect businesswoman, has plans to grow the town by promoting it as a tourism destination for wealthy businessfolk from larger cities. She cannot let rumors run amok that there is a problem in Willow Grove.

This adventure is setting-neutral so you can easily drop it into any campaign setting you like. It works best to set the adventure somewhere near a body of water and farmland.

Includes high-resolution battlemaps.

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