Synthicide: Sharpers in the Dark (Quickstart)

Synthicide is a best-selling game that released in 2017. It debuted a grimdark cyberpunk setting where players take on the role of interstellar criminals known as sharpers. This quickstart guide previews the upcoming re-release of Synthicide using the Forged in the Dark system: Synthicide: Shapers in the Dark.

In this setting, the Galaxy has entered a dark age where human life has no value. Sharpers have to fight for their lives, while trying to earn enough money for food and spaceship fuel.

If you loved the original Synthicide, this is a chance to experience its galaxy in a whole new way. The planets will be updated to provide location-specific mission ideas, and the baked in faction system will bring the galaxy to life

If you’re a fan of the Forged in the Dark engine and new to Synthicide, become a backer to see how Synthicide’s grimdark, lethal cyberpunk themes are expressed in a perfectly suited system.

Keep an eye out for the kickstarter! Coming soon!

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