Trinity Continuum: Aberrant Storyguide Screen

The Trinity Continuum: Aberrant Reference Screen and Document contains all the charts and important info a Storyguide could need.

About Trinity Continuum: Aberrant:

Trinity Continuum: Aberrant is a game of superpowered adventure in the near-future of the Trinity Continuum. In 2018, novas — people with superhuman powers — first appeared following the explosion of a space station high above Earth. Now, 10 years later, thousands of novas have transformed the world, using their extraordinary powers to fight crime, clean up the environment, invent new technologies, and create wonders. The presence of novas has also caused problems, and some fear the powerful individuals — first called “aberrants” — due to their unpredictable powers and impact they have on the world around them. Still, love them or hate them, people can’t get enough of novas, and being one is a ticket to instant celebrity, fame, and fortune.

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