The Shadow Fey: a Guide to the Fey of Ravenloft

All forms of horror lurk in the Mists: the shambling dead, the ravenous beasts, the slavering abominations, the conniving fiends, all these and more can be found in the dark and terror of Ravenloft. But what of the fey? What kind of horrors can the fey bring? This supplement aims to show DMs the full extent to which the fey can be horrifying.

This supplement gives you the tools you need to pit your players against a myriad of fey monsters. You will find stats for monsters such as the dreaded avanc that lurks at the bottom of Lake Kronov, the sadistic powrie that roam the wilds of Tepest, and even learn of the fey that haunt Barovia and serve the dangerous archfey Ceithlenn of the Crooked Teeth. Most exciting of all, though, you will learn of the fantastic land beneath the dreaded Mount Arak!







If we hit Gold, we intend to expand on this supplement by going into greater detail of the fey’s presence in Tepest, the fey that attend to the Carnival, the Nightmare Court, and more!

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