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Firstly, we would like to thank you for supporting the GridWars, for all your messages, and for extensive further playtests. We are glad that GridWars brought you some solid tabletop matches and, of course, awesome miniatures for your collections!

Now, check out what’s coming up for GridWars this summer!

New Unit Cards

This month we are releasing the first pack of new unit cards.

Each faction got a new character to strengthen its ranks. Their corresponding miniatures come from our past releases. If you are already a Patron and do not own the miniatures of new units, you will find them in our MMF Store. Be sure, to use the -50% patron discount code. You will find it in the post with links to the Monthly Release.

Units that join the GridWars:

  • Ambrosius Suzuki (Yakuza)
  • Burgash Blasthammer (Gangs of TC)
  • E-H-M208 (Cyber Cult)
  • Jason Zagloba (TCPD)
  • John Rutledge (Borderlands)
  • Santos (Star Smugglers)
  • Tuba Rao (Corporation)

You will find the new unit cards in the attachment to this post!
You can expect further unit packages coming to Cyber Forge cyclically.

Coming Up

We are getting everything ready for the release of co-op mode, solo mode, and remaining scenarios! We will also be patching and updating some minor gameplay issues based on your feedback – tweaking faction rules, adjusting unit costs, and adding a couple of missing rules like additional damage for throwing enemies off the buildings!

We are also getting very close to launching the web app that will contain a library of all GridWars unit cards and a convenient roster creator. In the app, you will also be able to add items to your units to better manage your damage output!

Download Solo and Co-Op Miniatures

Today, in preparation for the release, you can download the alien, mad boyz, and hatch miniatures that will be used in the new modes!

The files are located in your MMF Library, in the item: GridWars – Supplement.


We’ll be back with more GridWars content!

Stay Cyber! CF Team


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