Legendary Games just shared: “Corefinder Design Digest #71: A Healer’s Touch”

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Heal (Wis)

You are skilled at tending to wounds and ailments.

Poor Vision: If you can’t clearly see (or otherwise precisely senses) a creature you attempt to heal, you take a -5 penalty on your Heal check.

Check Body (Move; DC 5 or opposing target’s Bluff)

You examine a body to determine whether it is unconscious, bloodied, undead, alive, disabled, or dead. If the creature is alive, you notice any obvious symptoms of afflictions it has. You take a -2 penalty for every 5 feet you are away from the body. The DC might be higher for unusual conditions such as a deathlike trance.

Critical Success: You know all conditions the creature has. You notice even affliction symptoms that are subtle.

Failure: If the target was deceiving you, you believe its deception. Otherwise, you think you spotted a faint breath but know you might have imagined it.

Critical Failure: You conclude something false but plausible about the creature’s condition or believe a faking target’s deception.

First Aid (Standard; DC 10)

You usually use first aid to suppress a condition that is making a character lose hit points over time, such as disabled, subdued, or bleeding. The effect is suppressed for 1 round + round per point by which your Heal result exceeds the DC. While the condition is suppressed, it doesn’t damage the character and they can use the Recovery Save action to end unconsciousness caused by the suppressed condition.

Critical Success: You end the condition. Ending the disabled or subdued conditions restores the character to 1 HP of the appropriate type and ends the nauseated condition from being subdued, but doesn’t awaken them if they are unconscious. The target can’t regain hit points from a critically successful first aid action again until it regains hit points in another way.

Failure: You don’t help the character.

Critical Failure: Your fumbling efforts do more harm than good. You deal 1d4 damage to the target of the type appropriate to the condition you critically failed to treat.

Gauge Condition (Free; DC 15)

You visually gauge a conscious creature’s hit points and conditions at a glance. This check applies distance penalties like Perception. You know whether the creature is unharmed, lightly damaged, bloodied, disabled, shaken, nauseated, or subdued.

Critical Success: You know all conditions the creature has. If the creature has a disease or poison, you identify it if you meet or exceed the affliction’s save DC.

Failure: You know only whether the creature is bloodied or not and whether they have any condition that impairs their actions.

Critical Failure: You conclude something false but plausible about the creature’s condition.


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