Monstrous Mash

You can play these – and much more – using the Savage Worlds species in Monstrous Mash!
This small supplement features almost 40 monsters statted out as playable “races” for the players, from draculas and igors to genies and plant-things. Inspired by cartoons, comics and toy series, this supplement is a “cartoon horror” splatbook. After all, once you know what a monster can do it’s instantly less horrific.

The species balance out to +10 points – so you can add them to your campaign balancing them against the Seasoned heroes.

Apart from tips and advice on running a monster-centric game, you’ll find dozens of new Hindrances and Edges for the game, as well as six new powers.

Requires the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules.
Print-friendly version coming soon.

CW: This book parodies many classic monsters and related tropes. There are vampires, ghosts, ghouls or clowns in here. A more detailed content warning is available in the preview.

This product is priced at $5.99


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