Silverstep: A Metamagical Martial Origin Subclass For The Sorcerer

Silversteps are sorcerers that use their metamagical abilities in tandem with the ancient martial art of the sword. They excel in fast movement, survival, and adaptability, while hurling spells in the process.


This is something that probably does not need to exist, and it needs a lot of testing before I stop updating it. That said, I hope a few people out there give it a go. If you do, please let me know what you think!

Thank You, Seriously

I put a lot of time into this stuff, mostly for my own players. That said, engaging with the incredible community on DMs Guild and the D&D community as a whole has been unlike any other experience. As always, any feedback on my work is much appreciated. It helps me, my players, and anyone else crazy enough to use the ridiculous things I have the privilege to make. Thank you for your support!


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