Children of The Night: 100 Animal Ghouls

Since before the written word the kindred have dwelt in the shadows of the world. Rarely willing to trust one another, even those with ties of bloody parentage, many of the kindred have used the vitae in their veins to bind mortal servants to them. Their vitae conveys strength, speed and long life, and it gives the kindred a hold over them… but even so humans can be treacherous servants at the best of times.

To that end many kindred will bind lesser creatures to their will. While they may not be as clever as humans, these bestial ghouls often have other qualities that make them desirable. They may be stronger, faster or more vicious, able to defend their masters more ferociously. They may be stealthier, smaller and better at watching and listening. They might be majestic, acting as both a herald and a symbol for the kindred in question. And many times, the bond between a kindred and their animal may be a solace to them; something that allows them to hold the Beast within themselves at bay for one more night.

Whether their purpose is practical or fanciful, the following animal ghouls should provide plenty of inspiration for your Vampire game!

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  • Famine: Ghouls that can cause destruction on a nearly biblical scale, the Famine is a huge cloud of locusts that have reaped entire towns and cratered whole industries simply because their master wished to send a message. While many kindred consider such tactics to be a relic of the past, when mortals would cower in fear that they had offended a god with their actions, there is no denying that the Famine is just as effective today as it has ever been. Perhaps even more so, now that the world is so interconnected, with every community so dependent on every other to provide for its needs.
  • Tank: A beast that shakes the ground when she walks, Tank’s charge crushes bones, and leaves wreckage in her wake. Wounded by poachers and dying under the full moon, Tank was rescued by the kindred Mimi Leblanc. Now the kindred and her rhinoceros are all but inseparable, except during rare times when Mimi must appear in-person for a gathering in a city. Even in these circumstances, though, a condition of her appearance is often that a service elevator be made available so that Tank never has to be far from her sight for very long.
  • Odile: Graceful and pale, much like her master, Odile can switch from placid calm to murderous rage in a moment. The swan guards the pools on Silus Donnegar’s estates, and while that seems a petty purpose for a ghoul to serve, there are kindred who believe Odile’s true purpose is warding off prying eyes in the sky. One particularly juicy rumor even says she managed the thrash Lurin Daye, who’d slipped his mind into the body of a duck to go unremarked on while he spied on Donnegar’s grounds. Though the injuries to his psyche healed quickly, his pride still rankles.
  • Shrieker: An extremely loud beast, this flying fox is always on the lookout for dangers to his mistress’s haven. Easily recognized by the others who live in the abandoned parts of the underground tunnels, this huge bat has quite an appetite for fresh fruit of all kinds, in addition to a hunger for vitae. One of his favorite treats is cherries dipped in blood, which Clymnestra will occasionally indulge if he’s pleased her, and her underground greenhouses have had a substantial yield.
  • Quilliam: The beloved pet of Andreas Carnaby, this hedgehog is as pale as his master is dark. Often seen in deep conversation with the small creature, Quilliam’s spines are what the Malkavian uses in his automatic writing exercises, as well as his other rites and rituals that he uses to reach behind the broken mirror to find the truth. Whether his vitae bestowed unusual properties on the tiny, albino creature, or it’s all a delusion (or worse, a farce), there’s no arguing with the results Carnaby gets.

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