Dyson Logos just shared: “The Four-Toothed Drunk”

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The Four-Toothed Drunk has been down on its luck long enough that it really is beginning to show (much like the man on the sign). The stables have a few holes in the walls where unruly horses have kicked through (and very little low-grade fodder upstairs) and the furniture as all been reassembled at least a few times. The walls of the third floor are at a visible incline, a few degrees off kilter, and the top level of the chimney is starting to lose bricks because of it. And the outhouses… let us not discuss the outhouses.

The ground floor is a typical tavern – a number of tables, a fireplace, and a filthy kitchen, beer-reeking taproom, and mostly disused scullery. At the south end of the ground floor is a single-story extension of the structure used as a beerhall in the afternoons and evenings, and as a common room for servants and poor travellers at night – the room is nowhere near the fireplace, and is only a single flimsy story so it gets quite cold in the winter.

Upstairs we have more tavern space around an upper fireplace as well as a few guest rooms with four more rooms upstairs. The left-hand portion of the upstairs is only accessible by an outside stairwell and is the home of the owning family (and is in slightly better repair than the rest of the inn).

The 1200 dpi versions of the map were drawn at a scale of 300 pixels per square and are 17,100 pixels (57 squares) wide. To use this with a VTT you would need to resize the squares to either 70 pixels (for 5′ squares) or 140 pixels (for 10′ squares) – so resizing it to either 3,990 pixels wide or 7,980 pixels wide, respectively.



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