Rune Academy

Rune Academy is a full tabletop RPG that uses a trivia-like system instead of rolling dice to determine action success. Players will have their knowledge tested with every swing of the sword! Designed for players of all ages, use Rune Academy to reinforce learning objectives for younger players, or as an RPG spin on a trivia night among friends! The rules allow the game to be played without a game master, though one is recommended when playing with younger groups. 

The Rune Academy still remembers a time when many scholars dwelled there. Being the most prestigious academy in the land, the students studied rigorously and were tested frequently. The magic and knowledge was so vast it had lingering effects since the site was abandoned, and present-day adventurers can feel the effects as they explore the ruins. The magic manifests strongest during high-stakes actions such as combat. An astute mind will strike true, but adventurers that are unprepared often find themselves swinging at the air.

This manifests in the gameplay as trivia-like question cards. Attacking and defending in combat will require the players to answer questions based on the difficulty of the action, with correct answers leading to success. The rulebook comes with 15 different question sets spanning a variety of topics, and template sheets to make your own trivia sets!

Fully illustrated assets are included with the rulebook, including:

15 question sets

55 monsters, 5 of which are powerful boss monsters

6 character options

6 maps

Template sheets for questions, monsters, and characters

Gameplay Features:

Modular world building, creating unique experiences every game.

Designed for players ages 4-99.

Compatible with any question-answer system.

Easy to accommodate rules for any playgroup.

Play time 60-90 minutes.

This product is priced at $5.99


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