40×30 Battlemap – Underdark Fungal Village

Underdark Fungal Village

Glowing fungi line the sides of this underdark gorge, into which a village has been built. Wooden walkways and lookouts span the darkness, clinging to stone pillars or the hollowed-out cliffs in which living quarters have been built.

Twisting stone tunnels lead to rooms filled with strange alchemical equipment, seer’s orbs and bookshelves full of esoteric secrets. Other tunnels lead to living quarters, a tavern full of tables, food and good ale as well as storage areas.

Adventure Seed

While traveling through the Underdark, you are kidnapped by dark dwarves. You wake up in a small, stone cell. Everyone is stripped of their possessions, but left with their underclothes—all except one party member, who is completely naked. 
An old green dwarf is locked in there with you. He mumbles to himself constantly and pokes you with a stick if you come too close. If you try to talk to him he’ll babble gibberish (something about seagulls), but will get aggressive if you try to take his stick. 
The dark dwarves take each of you away one by one, walking you up thin stone corridors and wooden walkways overlooking a bottomless chasm filled with glowing mushrooms. When you arrive at a large alchemist’s station, they throw a handful of powder in your face, before returning you to your cell. 
Everyone’s powder had different colors, and within a couple of hours their effects begin to show: 
–       One party member is relaxed and happy; carefree. 
–       Another is unable to stop laughing. Everything is hilarious, no matter how mundane.
–       Someone else sees eyes watching him at the corner of his vision, but whenever he turns to see, they’re gone.
–       One adventurer is absolutely fine, except he keeps talking to someone called Pawl (who clearly isn’t there). 
–       Yet another has had their mind opened to the fourth dimension, and now knows with utter certainty that his free will is an illusion. An interdimensional being is controlling their every move…
–       Lastly, someone’s accent has been inexplicably changed to a foreign one. 
WHAT’S HAPPENING? The Duergar live in this Underdark settlement, harvesting the glowing mushrooms and processing them into a powdered drug that they then traffic. They have tested new drugs on you, by mixing novel combinations of substances in with the powdered mushrooms. 
If you don’t do something, they might keep you there forever; testing new substances on you until your mind breaks, like the old green dwarf’s—and perhaps, even then, they’ll continue to run tests with the more… deadly substances. 

What You Will Receive

A home-printable 40×30 battlemap, compatible with any role-play game, and VTTs such as Roll20.

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