Heroic Armory: Supply Drop I

Welcome to Aedrenar! A New Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World full of adventure, designed for masked vigilantes and treasure hunters alike!

Need some new equipment and items for your would-be vigilante? This book introduces a mix of new weapons and equipment useful for any self-respecting crime-fighter or half-decent detective.

Each volume in this new series details a small bit of backstory behind one of Aedrenar’s greatest heroes (or villians), and provides some information about some of the gear they carried with them at different times. The best thing, is these heroes have long since had their time (or are prone to lending gear out to fellow heroes), so it can be used in creating your own!

Heroic Armory is a sourcebook for the Aedrenar Campaign Setting, which details new rules for outfitting powerful heroes. It includes a new ‘Iconic Artifact’ system, as well as numerous new magical devices that are useful to any character!

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