I (Book Three)

Book Three of I finds the PCs getting closer to understanding the motivations of the Foresworn and their leader Methermaul or the Sorrowed One.  By destroying the I the Foresworn will end of existence, including their own misery.  Only the PCs can stop them.  But to do so, the PCs must travel back in time.

Using the nuclear warhead they took from the Russians in Book 2 as fuel for their Spelljammer, the PCs must now convince the chaotic Goddess of Time, Sophia to help them.  But why would she when she’s never gotten over heartbreak of her own?  Perhaps annihilation isn’t so bad.  If they do, the PCs attempt to rescue the mysterious Alyssa from the Asylum on Carceri.  They also have the opportunity to fix the tear between Pandemonium and Mechanus that is driving the Modrons mad and solve a murder mystery in the Plane of Water.  

Book Three of I covers levels 9-12

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