I (Book Two)

Book Two of I continues our intrepid adventurers seek out the secret to the Far Realm and their Foresworn allies.  Who is the mysterious Alyssa and what, exactly, is the I at the center of everything?  

With their allies in the Plane of Fire, the PCs travel to a pocket plane which houses the New York Public Library torn out of 1984 America, have a chance to find allies with the Greek gods in Aborea, and fight Soviet Russians and Githyanki warships in another pocket plane, all in the search for clues.  Will they find allies among Artemis, Athena and Aphrodite?  Will they trade in their Spelljammer for a Soviet Bear bomber?  Will they be murdered by the Foresworn in a collapsing demiplane?

This book covers levels 5-8. 

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