Ravenloft: Realm of the Blood Queen, Vol 1

Storm coulds drown the sun and plunge this cursed land of Wreythau into perpetual darkness. A voice hangs upon the wind, whispering of foul deeds and ancient mysteries, and nature itself has been corrupted into a brutal parody of what it should be. Do you dare to venture into this land and challenge She who holds dominion over this dread realm? Will you step forth to challenge the Blood Queen and unravel the dark mysteries of her land?

If you’re brave enough, then return to the Dread Realms of Ravenloft to experience an entirely new Gothic Horror Adventure!

• A new Dread Realm that twists nature itself into something monstrous!

• A Vampire Queen unmatched by any other Dark Lord!

• The first volume of a bone chilling campaign that takes adventurers from levels 1 – 5!

• Over 100k words of Dark Fantasy Horror, complete with 28
full color maps (including jpegs with alternate versions of each map)

• 6 Legendary Scaling Magic Items!

• New Character Creation Options!

• New Monsters and Villains!

So gather your party and venture forth into a twisted new Campaign that you will never forget! Battle terrifying zealots, horribly warped reflections of nature, and survive the corrupting influence of the Blood Queen herself!

This book is perfect for new DMs eager to delve into a world of gothic horror and dark fantasy, as well as experienced DMs that can’t get enough! The adventures, monsters, maps, and twisted lore can also be used to modify existing campaigns built using Van Richten’s Guide, or help inspire a campaign of your own. No matter how you choose to use this book, you will be enchanted with the wonderfully disturbing contents of this book!

And, keep on the lookout for Volume 2, which will conclude the campaign and take adventurers from levels 5 to 12! Release: 9/2021

This product is priced at $9.99


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