SoRoPlay GamTools Zine: Dark Fantasy Ref

This 138-page issue is a Dark Fantasy Reference (Ref).

From vampire slayers to witch hunters to monster hunters, dark fantasy brings together fantasy and horror. It mixes monsters, magic, supernatural, horror, and dread in a dark or gloomy tone.

This even has a tool to help generate random adventure story scene synopsis or new dialogue based on interpreted results

Example of using the Grammar Fuel tool to generate story ideas or dialogue.

  • Noun. Roll 883 = trail
  • Verb. Roll 290 = doubt
  • Adjective. Roll 710 = ready
  • Adverb. Roll 437 = impossibly

The ready wagon is set to go after the escaped dangerous criminals. Although, I doubt whether or not their trail will be detectable. The heavy downpour of rain is making it so impossibly difficult.

In this Issue

This PDF is illustrated with some images.

This PDF has the following sections and/or tables.

  • Is dark fantasy a genre?
  • What are the definitions of related terms?
  • Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror
  • Distrubing, Fright, Gloomy, Horror, Dread, Supernatural, Miraculous, Magical, Incantation, Spell, Witchcraft, Secondary World
  • Where is Dark Fantasy fiction media found on websites?
  • Brief History of Dark Fantasy Fiction– Highlights from the Past (books, novels, movies, video games)
  • Grammar Fuel: Dark Fantasy Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs. This includes 500 nouns, 333 verbs, 333 adjectives, and 200 adverbs.
  • Top Dark Fantasy Novels (1062 ranked books)
  • Top Dark Fantasy Movies (215 core movies, 699 ranked movies, out of 727 listed movies)
  • Top Dark Fantasy TV shows (113 core TV shows, 605 ranked TV shows, out of 605 listed TV shows)
  • Top Dark Fantasy Video Games (50 core video games, 232 ranked video games, 354 listed video games)

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