Deeds Not Words

A Gaslight Era scenario for Call of Cthulhu.  Originally written for use as a 4 hour one-off convention game, 5 pregenerated female characters are included.

In a fine and pleasant house in a leafy London suburb, lives a person of inordinate power, ruthless ambition and macabre taste. Miss Sha’Arawi, now Sha’Arawi of Thebes has accessed the powers of the Ancient Egyptian gods. At present, she still lives quietly and presents herself as a cultured Victorian lady, but soon, she will release her powers upon the world. But first, she needs an apprentice. It will need to be a spirited woman – one who can demonstrate that she is brave and prepared to be as utterly ruthless as herself, as ruthless as a beast. The suffragists seem to represent the nearest that placid Putney might have to a source of spirited women… perhaps one of them would fit the bill.

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