Meat Shield Generator

Meat Shield Generator is a program to randomly generate hirelings for your Old School RPG and OSR campaigns. The program allows you to control the distribution mixture of different common races as well as the probability that a henchmen or hireling that is available is a level 1 character. If the character is 1st level, then the program determines what the character class is based on the race and attributes. Then it generates appropriate equipment and spells for the character. There is the option to include rare races that will be featured in up coming Seffner Games products.

Sample random output below:

Aelfdene Quinton
Neutral Evil Male Human
Level: 1 Thief
Hit Points: 3
S: 10 I: 10 W: 12 D: 12 C: 15 CH: 8
AC: 8 Armor: Leather
Weapon: Short Sword, 2 Daggers
Equipment: Backpack, Bedroll
1 Weeks Ration, Small Mirror, Tinder Box with flint and steel, Holy Symbol, Lantern and 5 flasks of oil, 10′ Pole, 5 Torches

Lee Johnson
Lawful Good Male Half-Elf
Level: 0
Hit Points: 5
S: 11 I: 10 W: 9 D: 15 C: 9 CH: 13
AC: 9 Armor: No Armor
Weapon: Club
Equipment: Backpack, Bedroll
1 Weeks Ration, Small Mirror, 10′ Pole



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