The Bean Engine

The Bean Engine is a free generic role-playing game designed for maximum gamemaster comfort during play. No calculating or looking up monster stats. No cumbersome initiative tracking, weight calculations, or overly long equipment tables.

You need only a handful of six-sided dice. Using advantage and disadvantage and a fixed check value of 8, actions can be resolved without much thought. Combat handles in the same way as all other actions, delivering fast and brutal results.

TBE can create an incredible variety of characters in a moment. You can play short oneshots but also long campaigns with a lot of variable character development. An intuitive loss system allows temporary setbacks up to even death.

Additional modules, adventures and settings will be released regularly on

The Bean Engine is also completely licensed under CC BY_SA, so anyone can utilize the mechanics and rules, transform them and use them for their own publications!
(If you do, tell me! We can arrange it to be displayed here, if you like!)

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