The Siphoner: An Anti-magic Spellcaster

Do you live to control other people’s magics? Do you bend their power to your will? Do you put yourself in danger willfully? You may be a Siphoner. 

The Siphoner is a tough, anti-magic based spellcaster. They consume and repurpose the arcane energies around them. 

Where wizards are tought, and sorcerors are born, the siphoners are made. Your body has been turned into a livind conduit for magical energy. How you use that magic is up to you. Choose your own Mantle of Power.

Enjoy depleting your foes magical reserves as a Void Siphoner.

Enjoy empowering your weapons blows as a Surge Siphoner.

Enjoy replenishing the magic of your allies as a Wellspring Siphoner.

Let the power of the Siphoner draw you in with this new class option for 5th Edition.

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