What Becomes of Hunters

A ghastly introduction to the Monsters and horror of Eisen. In a change of pace from theusual high-flying of 7th Sea, the Heroes venture into a dark forest at the behest of DieKreuzritter in search of their mutual friend. This friend— secretly a Kreuzritter— has gonemissing in the forest, and the Heroes are the society’s best hope to save him.

What Becomes of Hunters is a standalone adventure for 7th Sea Second Edition. It is intended to be played over the course of one session or two shorter sessions, and should fit perfectly as either a standalone adventure or as part of a longer campaign!

What Becomes of Hunters includes:

  • Action and Dramatic Sequences ready to play
  • Scenes including text to be read aloud
  • Premade NPCs with stats and roleplay tips
  • GM advice for tweaking the adventure

Although the adventure is a complete story in and of itself, it does contain hooks for possible future adventures. It includes Hazards as a mechanic, but offers alternatives for GMs who do not have access to The New World.

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