Cyber City Underworld Clinic Generator

This roleplaying tool gives you millions of different possible combinations to make up new and different illegal and/or non-registered medical clinics for your cyberpunk campaign (whether you use Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk Red, Carbon 2185, GURPS Cyberpunk, Android, Rifts, Altered Carbon, Aeon Punk, etc.). This collection of nine tables in this generator will determine where the clinic is located or if it’s mobile, the lead doctor’s background and character quirks, security for the clinic, medical supplies on hand, wealth (in the form of past payments), and more. We’ve also included some notes and explanations for each of the tables, which should maximize the effectiveness of the entire generator.

While clinics and your street level ripperdoc can be great characters and plot devices for any game, we don’t force any game master or referee to jump through hoops to use our tools. Use the tables in any way or order you see fit. Look for more upcoming tools from D10 Dimensions to support your unique brand of urban warfare.

This Generator has 9 interconnected tables (with either 20 or 10 outcomes on each) that all deal with same topic (cyberpunk street gangs).

EXAMPLE (From random dice rolls with this product and presented in paragraph form):

This covert clinic is disguised as a common public transit bus. The lead doctor/owner is a gregarious combat medic with corporate ties to a military weapons manufacturer. In addition to being mobile and armored (like any transit vehicle), everything about this clinic looks rebuilt and scavengered. This motorized clinic has a hidden flame thrower turret, a pit device (which ejects the target out of the bus and into traffic), a half-dozen aerial assault drones and a miniature two-person panic room. Surplus storage in the clinic holds medical drugs (7000 credits worth), surgical supplies (6000 credits worth), 16 spare cyber fingers (various types), and an array of anti-psychotic drugs (1000 credits worth). In terms of clinic payments, the clinic currently has a resource cred card (worth 195 credits), Gambling chips (12 25 credit chips and six 100 credit chips), 5 corporate bearer bonds (worth 250 credits each), and 1,232 loose credits. In addition to the lead doctor, the clinic also employs a driver, a nurse, the lead doctor’s aging mentor, and a former patient working off her debt by providing clinic/bus maintenance. The urban zone/neighborhood of Altadore relies on this clinic and the good doctor’s skill.  


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