Cze and Peku just shared: “Arcane Clocktower (Various Sizes)”

This material was posted on patreon by Cze and Peku

This was the winner of our last map poll, hopefully its what some of you envisioned when voting for it!

Our idea for the map was a clocktower that showed the time in different planes, for those planescape-like cities with lots of portals, where busy folks are heading to work in the cities of flame and going for groceries in the verdant fey planes.

All the rest of the complex arcane-alchemical-eldritch machinery on the other floors are just there to power the planar clocks, account for interplanar time dilation, fight off demonic fungi that would attach itself to unguarded time-magic-artifices, scrape errant energy to power the clocks, and so on, you know, technical stuff.

Here’s the whole tower which we’ll be giving to the Master Cartographer tier:

Along with the planar versions we’ve also added in floors for a standard non-magical clocktower and also some PNG versions of the floors so that you can add in your own backgrounds.

For those who haven’t seen it that Dagonzo is now running a patreon specifically for creating adventures and encounters based around our maps. We’re helping him get that setup, so please check it out HERE. He’ll have an adventure based around this Clocktower coming soon!

Oh and we’ll be having a new map poll after this post, so stick around for that!

Download the map files using the links below:

Arcane Clocktower – $1 Rewards

Arcane Clocktower – $3 Rewards

Arcane Clocktower – $5 Rewards


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