DC-PoA-DCAF10 The Lute Run

DC-PoA-DCAF10 The Lute Run

In preparations for a warding ritual, Aawit the singing druid sent her brother to fetch an ancient script. He has yet to return from his ascent to their ancestor’s tomb. Can your adventuring group save the day on cue?

A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters. Optimized for APL 8.

This adventure begins at Good Mead and moves toward the Reghed Glacier. 

It is based on the “X” Marks The Spot hook of the Dungeoncraft – Plague of Ancients program.

DC-PoA-DCAF01 Let It Goat

DC-PoA-DCAF03 Sputtering Out

DC-PoA-DCAF04 A Macabre Nightal

DC-PoA-DCAF05 Head In The Clouds

DC-PoA-DCAF06 A Front on Frost

DC-PoA-DCAF07 I’m In Your Arms

DC-PoA-DCAF08 The Big Ticket

DC-PoA-DCAF09 An Ascent To Recall

Adrian Francisco is a musician, D&D player, dungeon master, and AL event organizer based in the Washington, D.C. region. He can be reached on twitter as @adri_dcdm

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