GMD Online just shared: “Request A Product Update”

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Here are the links to access your Product Update Request Forms.

As always you can find these on the XP Chart here: 

What are these forms?

The Product Update Request Forms are forms that allow you to request the update of any product with the desired information you are wanting. This series of rewards benefits the whole community. I have decided to add these after the positive response received in the Patreon Channel on Discord approx 4 months ago.

Accessing the Forms

You will need to log into the GMD Website with your Patreon account to access the forms.

Please note that all Patreon Posts are locked behind a 110 Tier support which does not exist. This is required to set up lifetime support access. So please ignore any messages that state you need to support at $110 because that is not true. 

You need to have acquired the XP as per the XP Chart. (Your XP = Lifetime Patreon support) 

Need Help?

If you experience any difficulty accessing your form please contact me and I will guide you through step by step how to access your rewards. Either send me a message here on Patreon, (The best place is on Discord). 

Form Links

If you have access to more than one reward you can request multiple updates one in each reward form. 

The Forms have been set at:

6 XP: 

51 XP: 

106 XP: 

152 XP: 


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