Jarlaxle’s Guide to Bullets

Written primarily for players looking for a plethora of ammunition options for their favorite firearm, this document provides several alternative ammunition options beyond the standard bullet. It includes:

  • 5 types of common bullets (adamantine, incendiary, mithral, renaissance, silver)
  • 5 types of poisoned bullets (drow, basic, purple worm, venom, wyvern)
  • 9 types of exotic bullets (cold iron, dlarun, fever iron, gehennan morghuth-iron, hizagkuur, orcslayer, pandemonic silver, solarian truesteel, star metal)
  • 3 types of magic bullets (+1, +2, +3)
  • 5 types of magic payload bullets (daylight, fireball, magnify gravity, silence, shatter)
  • 1 new magic item: Bregan’s bandolier

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