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We’ve been writing up a storm not just on Corefinder but also on half a dozen or more class books for PF1, and the next one is juuuust about ready for prime time, with our followup installment on everyone’s favorite martial artists! I’ve done the final review and sent back corrections to layout (mostly just format/style things), so hopefully I’ll get it back after I return from my camping trip and then it’ll be ready to go the following week (maybe 6/21 for Monday PF1-day!). What can you find inside this terrific tome by N. Jolly, Cerise Herndon, Elise Gott, Kieran Easter, and Samuel Saylor? Read and find out… 


Legendary Monks II is the latest volume of our series of class-focused player supplements, this volume is centered on the wise and capable masters of combat and mysticism; those paragons of insight known as monks. This new version of the base class introduced in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook was designed to be an agile combatant specialized in unarmed fighting, honing their body into a force that could rival weapons and armor forged by the most capable of smiths. This book is intended to build upon that promise, as well as expand the class with flavorful and potent character-building options that fully explore the many paths to perfection. 

This legendary monk class brings you over 50 new class options like Path of Mastery, which provides a strong foundation for a monk’s journey, whether based on strength, agility, or mysticism; Monk Arts, which grant them several means of using their new Qi resource; and Combo Strikes, which reward legendary monks for taking full advantage of their rapid-fire style of fighting. Plus get half a dozen incredible archetypes like the black powder-fueled Combustion Knuckle and their special firearm-based combat, the gregarious Champion of the People who supports and inspires their comrades-in-arms, and the fierce Yaksha Disciple who channels the dread-inducing abilities of terrifying guardian spirits. Plus, you get 40 fantastic feats and magic items to make your monks amazing, along with a sample character Hong Xiaohu with a rich history and personality plus a stat block showing all the cool tricks a legendary monk can do! Grab this incredible 30-page class redesign and expansion by N. Jolly and their terrific team and Make Your Game Legendary!


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