Swamp Battlemaps

In the depths of the swamp, hidden by a sea of sedges and trees, lies a smuggling route consisting of piles sunk into the ground and slats nailed to them. This sometimes rotting, moss-covered winding road is the only way to the hiding place of the smugglers unless you immerse yourself in the stinking swamp. To help with the orientation at night and foggy weather, someone hung lanterns on ropes above the road. In the course of time, smaller roadside caches have developed, in which only rotten crates, barrels, and other crutches lie.

This package contains battlemaps to help you to bring your TTRPG session to the next level.

  • Each battlemap has five different variations (day, night, rainy, snowy, misc).
  • The grid size is 5*5 ft (140x140px)
  • The map size is 6720*3780
  • The extension is .jpg

This product is priced at $3.99


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