World of Farland: Death Rising Adventure

In the ancient desert kingdom of Ishia (think Ancient Egypt), the loyal undead servants are suddenly attacking their living masters after years of faithful service. And long dead pharaohs have reawakened in their crypts, waging war on each other to claim Ishia and the world. To make matters worse, powerful factions are maneuvering to turn these disasters to their advantage. Are these events related? It’s up to some brave adventurers to unravel this mystery, ally with a faction, and face down the Mummy Lords… or serve them.

Focused on combat, exploration, and roleplaying in equal measure, Death Rising will provide lots of hours of fun as players solve puzzles, answer riddles, meet fascinating NPCs, face down dangerous traps, and defeat deadly opponents on their way to victory or death in the shifting sands!


  • 135 pages, 3 chapters and an illustrated appendix, plus a handy summary of all NPCs in the adventure
  • Three faction paths that will change the outcome of the adventure based on player choices
  • A very compelling main quest and 10 exciting side quests
  • 5 large dungeons that fit with the adventure but are usable separately, perfect for one-shot sessions
  • 29 maps, formatted separately for Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Astral, and Foundry! Grids will line up perfectly with your favorite VTT! Worth it for the maps alone
  • All maps also provided in large size 300 dpi for printing and playing on your tabletop
  • Fully linked, bookmarked, and layered PDF, with every monster and NPC linked to either the 5e SRD or the location in the appendix
  • Original new monsters
  • Designed to easily pick up and play at the table
  • Available in hardcover (both standard and gorgeous premium color), as well as handy softcover for use right at your table! PDF and all maps free with purchase of any physical book

Set in the World of Farland, this adventure will also easily fit any campaign world that contains a desert!

Death Rising covers

Death Rising details

Death Rising Maps

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