Chosen Rogue and Abyssal Fugitive


Roguish Archetype and Background

Chosen Roguish Archetype

Grapple your foes with a rightious power.

You swore no oath or devoted your life to gain your powers. You act on your own, and some god has chosen you to represent them on your merit alone. Harness your own strength and new diving power to hold back your foes. This strength based rogue focusses on grappling to force an advantage against your foes in battle. Burn them with the divine power you hold in your hands.

And play as the Abyssal Fugitive Background to create a character that has been changed by their experiences being trapped within the Abyssal plane, surrounded by madness and death.

Extensively tested for over a year, this subclass was originally created live on my YouTube show. See the episode below to watch me build the first draft.

Contained within this supplement is 1 unique Roguish Archetype that enables the creation of a Beowolf or Doom Slayer character archetype, as well as a new Background for characters that have been trapped within the Abyss, only recently having been set free.

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