Escape the Sherpa’s lodge, Escape Room One-Shot

The night hag known as the Bloodqueen has attacked a group of Sherpas trapped in their lodge during a whiteout blizzard. Having tricked them into drinking sleeping potions they are now stuck in a coma nightmare of her making as she feeds on their terror in their Dreams. The paranoid Sherpas have locked their lodge down tight and saving them means navigating it safely, forcing the night hag out of their dreams, then destroying her.

Included in the pack.
– 17-page One-Shot PDF
– 25 Handouts
– 13 Sequential discovery puzzles, inspired by escape rooms and puzzle boxes.
– Battle Map of the Lodge, for players to explore in real-time.
– Over 100 hours of Effort. 

This product is priced at $10.00


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