Lands of Legends – Grim

Lands of Legends is a collection of six zines, each of which is a unique tool to craft and enrich your fantasy sandbox and adventures with unique areas, locales, encounters, and events.

It can be used with most fantasy RPGs, and occasionally refers to the basic concepts of the world’s most popular role-playing game (things like Armor Class, Hit Dice, and so on), so it is readily usable with the vast majority of OSR rulesets.

During the Kickstarter, we sent a preview version to Erik Tenkar of Tenkar’s Tavern blog, here’s what he had to say:

Seriously, Giuseppe Rotondo gave me a sneak peek of Lands of Legends and I was, and still am, duly impressed. If you like running sandboxes, hex crawls, or need some inspiration for the setting you are prepping, you really can’t go wrong with the Lands of Legend Kickstarter.” Erik Tenkar

Each Zine contains 10 Area tables and 10 Encounter tables, for 10 different terrain types.

With EACH ZINE you get:

  • 10 Areas and 10 Encounters for Civilizations
  • 10 Areas and 10 Encounters for Deserts
  • 10 Areas and 10 Encounters for Forests
  • 10 Areas and 10 Encounters for Jungles
  • 10 Areas and 10 Encounters for Mountains & Hills
  • 10 Areas and 10 Encounters for Plains & Valleys
  • 10 Areas and 10 Encounters for Rivers & Lakes
  • 10 Areas and 10 Encounters for Seas & Islands
  • 10 Areas and 10 Encounters for Swamps & Marshes
  • 10 Areas and 10 Encounters for Wastelands

To sum up, each zine holds 100 unique areas and 100 unique encounters.

So how are those areas and encounters?

Each of those 200 entries describes one unique location or event in about 10-15 lines. 

Unique Areas are unique: each area entry features a distinct set of features, secrets, backstory, or special game effects, that make it unique and memorable, and allow you to create endless sandbox/hex crawl/open world campaigns

Special Encounters are special: Encounter entries feature environmental hazards, NPC, creatures, unforeseen situations, with enough detail to be readily usable while you play!

Each zine has a double use: the Special Areas tables are designed to be used as a resource when shaping and designing your campaign world, while the Encounters & Hazards tables are the tool you’ll want to keep at hand while running your game.

The Lands of Legends – Grim zine features places and situations which are perfect for grim, dark fantasy settings and campaigns: are you ready to face the horror?

This product is priced at $9.99


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