Phonomancy: A school of sound and music magick

Music is the art of arranging sounds in time to create a composition. Thoughout human history musicians from every cultural have sought to create exciting and pleasing compositions for their audiences to listen to.

What you hear: There are those that believe that music and sound have power to alter human emotional states, and inspire beauty. Not only can a resonant tone break glass, a special frequency of sound causes people to lose control of their bowels due to a similar form of resonance, another tone can spark fires, and there are even those believe in a killing sound.

Phonomancers don’t just believe, they know the truth. Music is the key to human enlightenment, sound can not only kill, it can shatter the human soul.

Phonomancy is a new adept school for Unknown Armies Third Edition. 

Phonomancers (also known as BeatBastards) wield sound as a weapon, unleashing Brown Notes and Black Tones, seeking to reach more people with their music, harvesting power from those that hear, and rendered powerless when they themselves aren’t able to listen. 

Requires Unknown Armies (Third Edition) from Atlas Games.

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