Remnants of Chaos

Deep beneath the surface of the earth are heard whispers of ‘The Exiles’, whose lust for power knows no bounds. Yet their evil machinations and vile depredations have rarely threatened to spill out into the world above… until now! All of which begs the question… who are they, and what is the nature of their plans? 

And what of the mysterious cult known as ‘The Scions of Entropy’, who appear to be the major focus of the Exiles’ attentions? As a cult which desires the death of all sentient life, surely their destruction at the hands of the Exiles would be a boon for all? Yet everything is not as it seems, and if the Exiles are able to bring their own plans to fruition, they may be able to cause chaos the likes of which the Scions of Entropy could only dream. 

One thing that is certain is if the Exiles are not stopped, the consequences will be dire indeed, yet it would take a brave band of souls to dare investigate the nature of their activities and stand against them in order to try and stem the rising tide which swells in the dark places that lie deep within the bowels of the earth. 

Remnants of Chaos is an adventure designed for characters of 11th to 13th level, which will pit them against all-manner of the weird-and-wonderful denizens who dwell deep beneath the surface of the world, in a quest to prevent one of the factions that dwells within from gaining such power that they will be able to rain down death and destruction against all those who would dare to stand against them! 

Written by David Phillipps 

Remnants of Chaos contains a 100-page Introduction Book and a 152-page Adventure Book, along with numerous maps and player handouts.

This product is priced at $4.99


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