STL Creator Sampler just shared: “WildCard: Grog Bouncer from HighCraft Miniatures”

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WildCard, which was not included in the main set and which we kept as a secret for our subscribers 🙂

Grog Bouncer

HighCraft Miniatures just launched their patreon, and we are really excited to introduce their work to you. There are still some slots left this month (selling like hot cakes!) in a special Early Bird Tier for just $9. You will instantly receive 20 pre-supported miniatures and bases divided into 4 sets: 

  • Dangerous Grogs (nemesis of dwarves!), 
  • Ger Grounds (savage plants), 
  • Krong Clan ( mighty orcs)
  • Koper Guild! (members of the mysterious)

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WILDCARD Grog_Bouncer_HighCraft


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