TFT Character Collection 3 – Bandits and Outlaws (The Fantasy Trip)


Desperate and Outcast

Not all endings are happy. Some people—by desperate need or foul choice—live by preying on others.
Character Collection 3 contains 72 characters for The Fantasy Trip, each of whom exists with their own ulterior or nefarious motives.
Featuring individuals ranging from 30-38 points, Bandits and Outlaws lists these brigands by type and bacground. Some are true outcasts; others conniving townsfolks. A full dozen are an organized squad of heavily armed soldiers, freelancing in their own special way.
Each has personality and motivation. Tailor them for your campaign, or grab them for foes in a random encounter.
Gaming Ballistic is the only third-party publisher with a licence to publish for both The Fantasy Trip and the Dungeon Fantasy RPG.