The Cursed House


“A curse has hit Baron Ananias Galvan, the result of his son Philipe’s bad deeds. The young nobleman dishonored the beautiful daughter of Lady Josefa, the beautiful Joana, and did not commit to the girl. The Lady Josefa, a woman of knowledge of magic and necromancy, cursed the nobleman’s son and all his servants. Philipe was turned into an undead, and his property cursed.

Baron Ananias hires heroes to invade the place and break the spell to bring the nobleman’s son back to his normal condition. However, for this to happen, it is necessary to face a horde of Zombies and unknown dangers.
There are rumors that the property where Philipe lives is the secret to breaking this spell, but it is said that Lady Josefa didn’t only place Zombies on the site. Skeletons of dead people attack the unwary and there is a rumor that even a lich is present on such a property. Is this true, or is it the exaggeration of scared peasants?”

Cursed House is a “One Shot” style adventure, one that you can play in an afternoon or fit into your larger campaign.
This adventure is designed for up to 4 players from level 1 to 3. We recommend using the DCC, OSE, BX books or the old D&D books. Have Fun! 

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