World of Ravia – Innune Campaign Setting

Welcome to the continent of Innune, a place where a brutal tyrant has conquered most of the known lands, and those untouched, are ruled by ancient dragon demi-gods and horrifying Lich-King’s from another reality.

The world that the players find themselves in is one that finds itself at the peak of a great upheaval of the world order, a being calling themselves The Primarch has finally reached his goal of taking over the entire continent of Innune, bringing the vast majority of the world under his iron-fisted rule. Those who have not bent the knee to The Primarch remain within their homes, not wishing to journey beyond their borders and into the lands controlled by The Primarch.

Not all who have suffered under the rule of The Primarch intend to stay that way however, as quietly, in the depths of The Wastelands, where The Primarch’s reach does not extend, a coalition of various people from all walks of life are coming together. Orc’s, Goblins, Firbolgs, Hobgoblins, Hags and other races are rallying behind the missing princess of Almorea, Shyalla, in a last, desperate attempt to form a rebellion against the tyranny of The Primarch.

Will you, the players, join this rebellion and free the land from the oppressive rule of The Primarch? Or will you join him in dominating the last holdouts, this giving him full control over the entire continent. Perhaps you will journey far to the east and explore the strange, mystical cultures of The Shu Province, or head into the grim remains of The Lich King and face the infinite undead hordes.

Whatever it is you decide, this is your world to explore, and your fate to shape.

Welcome to Ravia.

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